1. Another Ghost for the series. This time in Death Valley standing on a dry lakebed of salt.


  2. Good to meet you Phil.


  3. #Ghostbusta at Siesta Beach Keys, Florida


  4. A nice throw back on this chilly morning in remembrance of summer at the family cottage. This is Nicholas my hilarious redheaded nephew. I posed him like this to give reference to a picture I took of him a few years earlier. 


  5. A fun studio fashion shoot emulating locations using life sized large scale drawings. The Wonderful Adi Goodrich did all the heavy lifting here as usual. Check out the whole series here or on my site here


  6. My cover for, Medora, an amazing documentary centered around a basketball team struggle for a single victory as their small town perishes. An amazing look into small town America, and how our times have changed these communities. Created by Andrew Cohen and Davy Rothbart


  7. I have some new work up on Behance, finally.  Its a cool lookbook I shot a few months ago. I really nerded out on the light and set here. Check it out.


  8. Shot this in the studio yesterday. Thanks Jamie Vandyke